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2019 Club Championships

Our Two-day annual sparing, this year dominated by the weather!

2019 Ice Tankard Open Meeting

Good turn-out for last open of the year.

Hollowell Landscape

Shows off our rather pleascent vista.

2019 Laser Open

Good meeting for sa change as this time we had some wind!

Gallery Nature

Not just a nice place to sail but has some interesting wildlife.

Rita Richardson Pursuit

A long-running two day event and this year was a keenly pursued!

A Summer Saturday

One of those days where the wind came from the north and it was summer time!

Hollowell Windsurfing

Not the most ideal place for windsurfing but a great place to learn and try new kit.

Hollowell Weather

Yes we do get weather - and sometimes more than we need!

2019 Topper Open Meeting

Always a popular event

An Autumn Sail

Rememberence Day 2019. Rubbish winds but superb images by Paul


Always a popular event