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9. Posters & Publicity

  1. HSC Leaflet
  2. Tuesday Tasters Poster (PDF)
  3. Open Poster 2018

Open Meetings

Entry forms will appear here for 2018 nearer the event dates. We do not take entry forms online SAVE TIME by printing them off at home and
bringing it with you already filled in - Good idea eh!

Name NoR Entry Form
Topper & Oppi Open NoR 2017 Entry 2017
Laser Open NoR 2017 Entry 2017
Solo Open NoR 2017 Entry 2017
Ice Tankard NoR 2017 Entry 2017
P&B Series NoR 2017 / SI's 2017 Entry 2017

Committee Minutes

Committee Minutes 2018 Committee Minutes 2017
General 6th Feb 2018 minutes General 7th Feb 2017 Minutes
Social 13th Feb 2018 minutes Social 16th Feb 2017 Minutes
Sailing 20th Feb 2018 minutes Sailing 21st Feb Minutes
General 6th March 2018 minutes AGM 5th March Minutes
Training 13th March minutes General 7th March Minutes
Membership 27th March 2018 minutes Training 23rd March Minutes
Sailing 15th May 2018 minutes Membership 28th March Minutes
Maintenance 5th June 2018 minutes Sailing 24th May Minutes
General 26th June 2018 minutes Maintenance 7th June Minutes
Sailing 4th Sept 2018 minutes General 21st June Minutes
Maintenace 18th Sept 2018 minutes Sailing 5th Sept Minutes
Membership 25th Sept 2018 minutes Maintenance 12th Sept  
Training 2nd Oct 2018 minutes Training 3rd Oct Minutes
Social 23rd Oct 2018 minutes Sailing 31st Oct Minutes
Sailing 30th Oct 2018 minutes    
General 14th Nov 2018 minutes