Stand Up Paddleboarding

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Hollowell Sailing Club are please to announce the additional 2021 membership option of

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This is one of the fastest growing water sports and is available at our volunteer run club situated between the villages of Guilsborough and Hollowell in Northamptonshire. It is a quiet and scenic location and apart from our affiliated clubs (Scullers and Model Yachters), we have sole use of the water.

We have modern, clean facilities with plenty of car parking and inside/outside seating areas. Families are particulary welcome. NOTE: Current COVID restrictions re club buildings

Do I need to be a member of Hollowell Sailing Club?

Yes, to enjoy our facilities to the full you need to have a category of membership. Sorry, but we currently cannot have a 'day-ticket' option. SUP membership is the same as a sailing or windsurfing membership except there is no additional craft fee.

Duty Obligation - All members of HSC must enlist to do their share of support cover (ie rescue boat or positions on shore). The numbers of days required depends on your membership category.
Insurance - Please note that your craft must be adequately insured for third party risks before being on the water.
Costs - Please follow to links at bottom of the page for our subscription page or to find more about duties.

fast boat

Does the club have paddleboards for hire? Can I use my own board?

As this is a new venture for us we would like to assess the 'take-up' first. We would be very happy to consider providing capital support for this in the future.
Initially, you will need to have your own board.

On arrival on site, and before removing a paddle board from site, it must be checked, cleaned and dried in accordance with Anglian Waters bio-security policy.

When and where can I paddleboard?

SUP members can SUP out of programmed sailing hours, when there will be no safety cover, according to the Open Water policy. SUP members are strongly advised not to SUP alone. Approved buoyancy aids must be worn when afloat. Please ensure children have an appropriate 'crotch strap' buoyancy aid.
Paddleboards will avoid areas of water in use for club racing.
Paddleboards are always likey to to sharing the water with other users however, for the summer months WEDNEDSAY evenings is when most boarders meet.

Members must respect the rights and entitlements of anglers at the reservoir and keep a distance of 20 meters from any active fishing from the shore.

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I am already a sailing member of Hollowell, can I go paddleboarding?

Members of Hollowell Sailing Club (other than the category of Social Member or Accompanying Adult) may SUP at no additional charge.

Paddleboarding is only permitted by eligable members of Hollowell Sailing Club, and their guests. These guests are required to sign the Visitors Log and adhere to the club rules.

Is this all the rules for paddleboarding?

NO....Definately not! Its just a summary to entice you into the joys of water sports. You must read and understand our full SUP policy. This can be downloaded HERE
If you do have a query please speak to our Commodore (Graham Smith) or leave a FaceBook message for him.

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How do I join Hollowell Sailing Club?

WebCollect This is an internet based membership system. The main benefit for the Club is that it will considerably reduce the administration overhead by enabling new membership applications and membership renewals to be performed on-line by members in much the same way as they would purchase products from on-line retailers such as Amazon. The system also allows members to update their details e.g. address, contact numbers etc. on-line, and will delivers cost savings to the Club by reducing the amount of paperwork and postage incurred every year at renewal time. This was originally developed in 2010 for sailing clubs, but is now used extensively by sporting clubs, charities and professional bodies across the UK to manage their membership records and subscriptions.