Safety Notices

This is a page about issues with equipment or for passing on messages to the next Duty Crew.

The main source for reporting breakdowns/faults is still by writing in the BOSONS LOG (on the shelf next to the boiler). If there is an important H &S issue, please ensure you have disabled and labelled the equipment. Report the fault in the Bosun’s log and write a short reminder about it on the white boards at the entrance. Although you may want to use these pages to ensure as many people as possible are aware of issues.

The DutyMan reminder email sent 7 days before a duty, has a short message asking all of the duty crew to check in with this section.

Standing Notices

Be advised that marks should be place MORE than 30 metres from the edge of the water and please do avoid areas where fishing is taking place. 30 metres is 3 sections of the concrete pontoon.

There is a log book on the shelf that contains tasks to be completed on Sunday’s and Saturday’s. This is a requirement of the Food Standard Agency. Please ensure its is signed and dated when the tasks are completed.

Current (Nov 2019)

STAN THE MAN- Stan is now in full use. You need to know that the keys for it are now attached to the red plastic can in the petrol store. There is an electric anchor winch that is worked from inside the cabin, please do have the engine running while working it as you will run the battery down very quickly.

Important Information about Stan's Anchor.
Can duty crews please note that it is NOT good practice to raise the anchor to the point where it clatters past the roller and stalls the winch. Reasons:
a) We don't know the long term effect of repeatedly stalling the winch.
b) The anchor has to be manually helped to pay out if it has been drawn over the roller with consequent risk of finger entrapment.
The anchor chain is fitted with some rope tails and a bit of yellow/green tape which indicate where to stop. It is also possible to see the anchor appear into view if you sit well to starboard when raising. We know that the "indicators" are not very obvious, especially when caked with mud, but we have not found a better solution as yet.

'Stan the Manual'. This is in the cabin and shows basic working procedures.
Speak to Mike Playle or Stewart Elder if you have any queries on the day.Link to STAN'S PAGE

Sunday Galley - we are experiencing a lack of volunteers to provided food for Sundays. If there is a gap then the weekly enews will state that NO FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED. This leaves the issue of 'Shore Duty'. The DO should assign a suitable person for this role and if possible take out a mobile phone.