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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Anglian Water have taken the decision as of 22 March to close all of their Water Parks with immediate effect. That includes Hollowell Sailing Club and means that the water is now closed for all sailing until further notice Anglian’s announcement can be seen on their website here:

Members may still access the club site if they need to as we appreciate you may want to collect boats or sails. As and when we have further information we will obviously let you know.



We’ve sadly taken the decision to close all of our water parks to the public with immediate effect to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

We had hoped to keep our green spaces open, but the wellbeing and safety of our customers, visitors and colleagues is the most important thing at this time.

We would encourage everybody to follow the Government’s advice to social distance and not travel wherever possible to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

We want to keep you updated with information about how we are responding to the coronavirus situation. Below are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions in light of our current response.

The club will not allow sailing or ANY other on-the-water activity.

A further specific message from Anglian Water

Failure to comply with instructions to close or effectively and comprehensively manage the instruction to close (which Anglian Water is at liberty to give in these exceptional circumstances) would constitute a breach of contract and potentially expose the club to unmitigated liability.

Commodores Message

Hollowell Sailing Club.

As communities around the world are struggling with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to address any concerns and assure our members the steps we are taking at our sailing club to focus on keeping us all safe and healthy.

In light of the developing situation around coronavirus and following the RYA guidelines we have taken the decision to put on hold all events, training and scheduled racing.

More importantly, Anglian Water have now closed ALL Water Parks under their jurisdiction. I ask that you fully comply with this order.

We are closely monitoring the situation to make sure we are taking all precautions to protect our members and will keep you regularly updated with any changes in accordance with the RYA and government guidelines. For any questions please email me.

Graham Smith

Further Information (updated 23/3/20)

Access and Sailing

In summary:
Open sailing policy – Total and without exception BANNED
Clubhouse facilities – No access allowed except for essential maintenance.
Naseby Lodge changing and toilet facilities – Not available

Members can access their watercraft as required

Current sailing programme – on hold
Club duties –on hold
Training events – on hold
Youth coaching – on hold
Open events – on hold
Open day – on hold
New member’s lunch – on hold

Committee meetings to only be held virtually/ online

Assistant Instructors

As you know we provide quality RYA approved dinghy training to Adults and Children. Although we rely on a small number of fully qualified Senior and Dinghy Instructors HSC could not function without a Team of Assistant Instructors (AI). Teaching others to sail is a very rewarding experience, and even helps you improve your own sailing.
The AI qualification involves just 2 ½ days training, all at HSC and run internally, and free to members. At HSC we now run (simultaneously) two courses, one for Adults and one for the more experienced, and responsible Juniors, such as those who have gone through an external Squad. So if you would like to be more involved in promoting sailing and helping juniors or adults to sail then please put your name forward, and drop an email to Clive. Courses will only run if there are enough attendees.

Working the Powerboats

Refresher Opportunity

Long time since your last safety boat duty?
Feeling you could do with a bit of a refresher?

Drop in to the club on 14th March (12-4)where instructors will be available to help you hone those skills for safety boat duties.
Powerboat.instructors available, no booking required - just turn-up (with your kit)! Opportunity to 'catch-up, refresh, remind, practise etc on powerboats.

Meanwhile, you might want to do an 'online' refresher by looking at the following pages:

Boat Officer Guidance
Powerboat Index

Open Day

Saturday 2nd May 2020

Members of HSC - please make every effort to get involved. Even if you cannot make it on the day please do try and put out posters and leaflets.

There are a number of ways to help:

  • Book a job slot on DutyMan.
  • If you are coming down - please DO NOT PARK in the big car park. Leave your car in the top field or put it off the road, down by the boats.
  • Please rig your boat and have it on display on the shore - better still go for a sail!
  • If you can only attend for a short while - go to someone (tea bar, for example) and give them a 30 min break
  • Camping

    Out of hours use of the Club, grounds and facilities

  • During non-programmed sailing hours the club house may be opened for members by an adult committee member or Instructor Member.
  • Committee members are responsible for leaving the premises secured or passing responsibility to another committee member, duty officer, or Instructor.
  • If the Clubhouse is used while camping the Members using the facility must ensure that the Club is maintained clean and tidy e.g. washing up done and dishes put away.
  • Club members may camp overnight in the grounds and use the out of hours changing room and toilet. The use of club boats/sailboards is not permitted outside of programmed sailing hours
  • Guests of club members may use club facilities according to rules relating to Guests and Visitors who must sign in
  • Facebook x 2

    We have two Facebook pages.

    Both are actively used. First, is our PUBLIC page. It is our main news page for event publicity, reminders and updates. Only the webmaster can post. Then we have our MEMBERS ONLY, you need to apply to join this closed group and you can post with permission of the moderators. Its for chat and gossip, moans and groans. You know the sort of thing!

    Facebook (Public) → Facebook (Closed) →

    Near Miss Reporting

    To summarise......

    ....if you see or are involved in an incident which might have caused injury or damage to property, you should record it on the relevant form which then should be placed in the log (kitchen shelves). This is to ensure that we continue to monitor and improve safety at the club. If you feel that the matter is urgent you can email the information to

    Policy document can be viewed in our DOWNLOADS PAGE.