Thursday Work Party

One of Hollowell's great resources is the THURSDAY WORK PARTY (aka The Wrinklies)

Feeling Grumpy? Then its time to join the Thursday work party. We meet on ...err THURSDAYS! Don't confuse this with Saturday Work Parties 3-4 times a year and that is for all members (grumpy or not) and that meets on SATURDAYS! (See the calendar for details)

What do they do for us?

THURSDAY WORK PARTIES - Come along and join a thoroughly practical group of people who get together on pretty much every Thursday of the year between 10am to 4pm. Bringing with them a vast depth of knowledge predominantly from sailing but also from engineering, catering, plumbing, business and many other backgrounds they maintain and repair every aspect of Hollowell Sailing Club's inner workings. Tending to the club fleet of hire and training craft, constructing concrete pontoons, delving into crevices, guttering and drains there seems to be no limit to their capacity. Needless to say this is also an enjoyable day to which all members are warmly welcomed whether retired 'wrinklies' or otherwise! Enjoy complimentary refreshments.

SATURDAY WORK PARTIES - all members are asked to support the occasional Saturday work parties when some of the larger and essential maintenance tasks can be achieved with many more hands to make light work. The dates are published on our annual programme and are key dates to get in the diary. A complimentary lunch and refreshments for all those who lend a hand.

The boat sheds need regular attention

Laying land drains- in the mud mud mud.

This was our biggest job - each one 2.5 tonnes!

All the concrete pontoons were refurbished and floats replaced

Up, Up and away

Ready to lift "0ne, two, three ...go"

Delicate movement of 2.5 tonnes

We build sheds as well

One man and his digger

Taking advantage off the low water level

Shovels to lean-on are supplied

Playing with big boys toys

This is what the finished landscape will look like