Open Meetings



Key information for visiting sailors.

  • There is parking for around 80 cars at the club, and up to 100 if everyone is very careful!
  • Unloading of boats can be done on the shore road but please put your car back into the car park.
  • All our pontoons have either concrete or compact stones slipways
  • The clubhouse is normally open from about 9:00 AM on the day of an Open Meeting.
  • The galley for coffee and bacon butties is open from about 9:30 AM, with hot and cold lunches also available. Book your lunch BEFORE sailing, please.
  • We have a good selection of rope and burgees for sail. Our nearest Chandlery is Pinnell & Bax (NN5 7QP)
  • Launching is available across a wide front, in fact most boats launch from the shore
  • Arrangements can be made with the fleet captain if you wish to camp or leave your boat with us for a short period
Currently all our Open Meetings are postponed

Midland Region UK Windsurfing Assoc - Sat 28th March 2020

Briefing 10.30...........First Race 11am

Fleets & classes to be sailed in the Midland series

  1. Raceboard; All current National fleets plus a 'B' fleet
  2. Formula Windsurf; All current National
  3. Junior; All National & team 15 fleets

Scoring on the day will be extracted from in line positions. Series scores will be based on extracted positions. No weight groups, no age divisions other than team 15, no gender divisions will apply.

All class rules shall be as per UKWA see unless specified.

SeaVets Windsurfing Assoc- Sat 28th March 2020

The SeaVets racing series events are held on inland waters, starting in April and carrying through the summer until the end of September.
The Raceboard fleet is divided into classes by age - Seniors (under 50), Veterans (50 - 59), Supervets (60 - 70) and Megavets (over 70). Maximum sail size is 7.8m in the Raceboard classes. There is also an Open class with no limitations on board or sail, and a One Lap fleet who race on a shortened course - usually One Lap Less!

Proceedings usually start with a briefing at 10.30am, with the aim of getting out on the water by 11 o'clock. 2 races are held before lunch, and 2 after, with the prize-giving at about 4.30, enabling people to get away by about 5pm. An Event Entry Fee is charged - £15 for 1 day, more for for two-day events.


Northamptonshire Youth Series - Saturday 30th May 2020

Open to ALL young sailors of ALL abilities.

Five different friendly and fun-packed sailing events at clubs within 45 minutes of Northampton.

Sail any class of dinghy on handicap (in fact you can sail a different type of boat or sail, for the Lasers, at each of the five different events if you want to, but you must stay with your choice for the whole day of competition) e.g. Optimists, Toppers, Laser 4.7, Radial or full rig, Picos, Teras, Fevas, Mirrors etc. Improve your racing skills and meet and socialise with junior sailors from other clubs.

Simply turn up on the day with your parents (get them to register you and pay a small entrance fee).
Coaching for up to 90 mins in the morning (briefing at around 10:00 am).
Then enjoy a friendly regatta of three short races after lunch (two to count) with regatta and series prizes.

Notice of Race 2019
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Laser Grand Prix Midland Series & Open - Sun 14th June 2020


Schedule:Registration Sunday 14th June 2020 Time: 0900 - 1030. Three races, race 1 signal not before 10.55. / Lunch / race 2 & 3 ASAP after lunch.

Biohazard Containment: All competitors must comply with biohazard containment regulations in force by Anglian Water Authority. The AWA website currently states,"In accordance with Bye-law 17.2, no boat shall enter a Water Park with the intention of launching onto the water without being checked, cleaned and fully dried before arriving at the Water Park. Visiting boats must sign in at the point of access to confirm this process has been carried out before arriving at the park.".

Eligibility and Entry: The regatta is open to all boats of the Laser Class. Boats may enter by completing the Entry Form and submitting to the entry desk on the day of the competition.

Fees: Entry fee £15 Lunch £3.00 (please pre-order before going on the water).

Sailing Instruction: Alterations to the Sailing Instructions will be displayed on Hollowells Race Board in the club house. Current SI's available on the club website.

Course: The course mentioned during the briefing may be altered by the Duty Officer when out on the water. The course to be sailed will be displayed on a board on the Committee Boat.

Scoring: Standard Low point system. 1 race is required to be completed to constitute a series. When 3 or fewer races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.

Prizes: A minimum of three places in the Open Series also first place radial and 4.7 class, first lady,first Junior. First place in the Hollowell Laser Club Championship.

Insurance: Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £ 2,000,000 per incident or the equivalent.

Contact: Further information regarding the Laser Open can be obtained from the Fleet Captain Mary Mallard.

SI's (2020)
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Topper & Optimist Open - Saturday 20th June 2020

Number of races Topper fleet: 4 (2 races, back-to-back in the morning, 2 races, back-to-back after lunch)

Optimist fleet: 4 (2 races, back-to-back in the morning, 2 races, back-to-back after lunch).

Further Information
For further information please contact Ivor McDonnell (Youth Fleet Captain) (

Notice of Race 2019
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Ice Tankard - Sunday 18th Oct 2020

The ICED TANKARD is an open meeting for club members and visitors, open to all single and double handed mono and multi hull boats. A WARM WELCOME TO ALL VISITORS.

10.55am first warning signal race 1 - 12.30 Lunch - 1.25pm warning signal race 2 - Race 3 to follow - 4.30 Complimentary Tea and prize giving.

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Notice of Race

Entry Form

For some strange reason the 'Open' season has been postponed. We hope to run some events later in the year. Others might not happen in 2020 - if not, see you next year!

Thinking of joining us? We suggest you make a visit to the Sailing Club; have a chat and a look around. See our 'Sailing Programme' for opening times. Contact our Membership Secretary - Ruth Cross, if you have a query.