Duty Officer Guidance

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A very hard subject to cover (as well as keeping it up to date). If something is missing here please contact Stewart Elder

It is the intention of this page to bring together all the various sections and Policy Documents relating to the job of Duty Officer.

It is fully recognised that without people like Duty Officers stepping up to the mark and taking on this responsibility, this club could would not exist.
It may not seem like it at times but one of the most important things we can do as a General Committee is to ensure that we do everything we can to make your job as easy as possible and that systems and equipment are suitable and in full working order.
If you have any suggestions that can be make the job of Duty Officer easier, speak to Stewart Elder or Mike Playle.

Duty Officer Responsibilities

For Club races, is responsible for :

  • Checking 2-3 days in advance with DutyMan that they have a full crew.
  • Checking the weather forecast
  • Arriving one hour before the start
  • Ensuring that adequate rescue cover is available. Meet and brief all your duty crew.
  • Prepare Committee Boat
  • Setting the course and running the race(s)
  • Keeping track of boats on the course
  • Monitor weather conditions during the race – abandon if necessary
  • Taking finishing times (delegate to ADO)
  • Input race times
  • Ensure all buildings are secure and radios are on recharge and switched off

  • The safe operation of the Club is designated to the Duty Officer and Boat Officer who perfectly within their right to:

    1. Order all boats off the water e.g. if too many boats are capsizing / there looks to be imminent thunder storm with lightning.
    2. Insist on addition safety cover before sailing is allowed
    3. Cancel or postpone racing
    4. Recommend children/novices do not sail
    5. Order individuals off the water

    Brief Your Duty Crew

    Attached to the race clipboard and at various places around the building is this checklist.
    The list is not comprehensive but an aide-mémoire for Duty Officers when starting a day’s racing.

    Recommended reading is our ‘Water Safety Policy’. This document, will for example, give you guidelines for the number of safety boats on the water for your current conditions.

      DO THIS.......

    • Gather your team together. Ensure you all know each other. Put names on board in vestibule whiteboard. ACTION: Duty Officer
    • Issue radios. Ensure Galley Team/ Shore Duty know how to work them. Complete a radio check. ACTION: Duty Officer
    • Check the weather forecast discuss possible scenarios. Is strong wind blowing onto club house? Then consider stopping children playing with surf-boards on the shore. Do you need a second rescue boat? – seek volunteers. ACTION: Duty Officer/Boat Officer
    • Find out what else is happening on the water i.e. Training. Assess impact on your racing. Assess the ‘free' sailing sailors’ – they tend to be more vulnerable. ACTION: Duty Officer/Boat Officer

    Discuss with your Boat Officer......

    • The course, paying particular attention to anglers and hazards in the water and shallow areas. Discuss the number of boats taking part and the length of the start-line then be prepared alter this when out on the water.
    The Boat Officer.....
    • WILL ATTEND EVERY capsize. Your priorities are entrapments/vulnerable people FIRST. Remind your helm about engines OFF when approaching people in the water. ACTION: Boat Officer
    • Have a ‘spare’ rescue boat ‘ready to go’ i.e. with fuel and radio. Complete your boat equipment checklist. Ensure you have enough fuel for the day. ACTION: Boat Officer
    • What arrangements have you made for cover when safety boat crews are ‘off the water’ and boats are still out sailing? DO/BO ACTION: Boat Officer
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    Further Information

    There are a number of key documents you really ought to be familiar with. To ensure we have the most up to date download all PDF documents referenced here can be found on our DOWNLOADS PAGE.

    Water Safety Document This is a comprehensive policy document. It relates our policy regarding the use of powerboats/ ages for drivers. Job roles for those on duty etc. All safety advise elsewhere and particular on this web site has this as a 'source document'.
    Specific for Duty Officers. Available only on application by email to dutyman - Gives details of how to open and close the premises. How things work etc.
    Major Incident Plan NOW WE ARE GETTING SERIOUS! Should there be a fatality or serious injury at the club this gives 'checklist' type help. A copy of this document and fluorescent jackets are on a hook by the front door of the Race Room. Note that there is a phone in the Race Room.
    Operating Manual Not specifically for DO's but should you be interested, gives the guidelines to be followed by Instructors. Go to the Downloads Page
    Timer Instruction PDF How to work the current timer (the 'box type'). In the race room is a spare timer (Eight-Dog Timer) - not the same make, so in the box are instructions of how to work it.
    Race management, setting a course & types of racing. In DOWNLOADS PAGE
    Our workhorse craft that provide our main rescue cover. Find here a reminder of how to look after them. How to set-up for the day and putting them to bed!
    Mainly a training instructors resource with good observation seating for helm. Good manoeuvrability and simple controls.
    Our tender for getting to the boat sheds. Look after this boat and it will make your job a lot easier.
    Rescue Boat
    Briefing reminders, equipment list, setting up, rescue reminders ... and more!
    Committee Boat
    A big beast of a thing. You really, really should know what you are doing before jumping in the deep-end! Start here!
    Safety Boat Equipment
    Pictorial page relating to the MUST HAVE equipment for a Hollowell Safety Boat.