RIB details

Boat Fuel Shed Engine
Humber 4 Petrol can 4 Shed 4 30hp Tohatsu
Humber 3 Petrol can 3 Shed 3 30 hp Tohatsu

Getting the boats out

Lowering the engine first will make the job easier!

  1. Unclip carbine hooks from 2 eyes on stern of boat
  2. Unclip carbine hook on the main pulling rope at the rear of boat shed to release boat
  3. Pull powerboat out of shed. Load the boat with your equipment - petrol, radios etc.
  4. Unclip carbine hook from rope eye on cleat at front of boat and attach to the rear metal eye on port side of shed

Putting the boats away

Raising the engine last will make the job easier!

  1. Attach main rope carbine hook to the rope eye on the front floor. Eye is located between the consul and the front cushion.
  2. Pull partly into shed. Unload your equipment into the tender.
  3. Pull boat into shed and clip the main rope carbine hook to metal eye at rear of boat shed on the port side
  4. Attach rear carbine hooks to eyes on both sides of the boats stern.

Petrol Tank/Kill Cords

Standard unleaded petrol from the stainless steel cans

  • RIBs should have THREE kill cords. However, it is general practise that the one attached to the actual engine can be left in situ. One remains on the can handle as an emergency 'spare'.
  • The tank should be secure under the seat with the black webbing strap across the 'mouth'. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT
  • Make sure tank air valve is open when in use and closed when back into storage.
  • Put the kill cord on the control button. Key should be seperate. Fit it the kill cord to your RIGHT leg


Someone has to do it! ......the sponsons may need pumping up.

There is a large specific foot-pump for this job. It is kept in front consul of the RIB.

There is a gauge available to check the pressure but generally if it is pumped up hard, this will suffice.

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