This is a guide for powerboat use. There is seperate web page for a Boat Officers guide... Rescue Boat

Boat Fuel Shed Engine
Jeanneau 1 Petrol 1 Shed 1 30hp Tohatsu
Jeanneau 2 Petrol 2 Shed 2 25 hp Tohatsu
Planning 5 Petrol 5 On shore 6 hp Mercury
Jeanneau 6 Petrol 6 Shed 6 25hp Tohatsu
Planing 7 Petrol 7 Shed 7 25 hp Tohatsu


Filling the fuel tanks
  • Take the fuel tank outside to fill.
  • Use gloves and googles provided.
  • Use stainless steel cans. Remove cap which has the nozzle in reverse inside.
  • Unscrew bleeder screw on the stainless steel can to allow air in as petrol flows out
Reporting faults
  • Check the white board in the vestibule as to boat availability.
  • If you find a problem with a powerboat please ensure it is recorded in the Bosun’s log. If the fault is serious ensure the Duty Officer is aware and passes the information onto the maintenance team.

Getting the boats out

Lowering the engine first will make the job easier!

  1. Unclip carabina from the two eyes on stern of boat
  2. Unclip carabina on the main pulling rope on the left side of the boat shed. Throw it into the boat.
  3. Pull powerboat out of shed. Load the boat with your equipment - petrol, radios etc.
  4. Unclip carabina hook from the cleat at front of boat. Attach it to the rear metal eye on port side of shed, ready for the return of the powerboat.

Putting the boats away

Raising the engine last will make the job easier!

  1. Attach main 'pull-in' rope with the carabiner to the cleat on the front of the boat.
  2. Pull partly into shed. Unload your equipment into the tender.
  3. Pull boat into shed and clip the main rope carabina to metal eye at rear of boat shed on the port side
  4. Attach rear carabina hooks to eyes on both sides of the boats stern.

Our workhorse craft that provide our main rescue cover. Find here a reminder of how to look after them. How to set-up for the day and putting them to bed!
Mainly a training instructors resource with good observation seating for helm. Good manoeuvrability and simple controls.
Our tender for getting to the boat sheds. Look after this boat and it will make your job a lot easier.
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