'Stan the Man' Our Committee Boat

NOTE: This is NOT the manual for working 'Stan'. On the boat (hopefully in the cabin), should be a black folder marked 'The Stan Manual'. This has better and more detailed descriptions of working procedures. These instructions are still adapting, feel free to take a pen to the 'Manual' and comment on anything that is not clear or missing in the folder.

About Stan

Quicksilver 620 Pilothouse

• Year: 2004 • LOA: 20'4" (6.20m) • Draft in M: Max: 0.46 Min: 0.46 • Keel: Planing • Self draining cockpit • Stainless steel guard rails • Self bailing anchor locker • Navigation lights • Boarding ladder • Warps & fenders • Mooring lines • Bow roller • Electric anchor winch.


Yes it is, the keys and two kill cords are with the red fuel cans in the petrol store. Note that these are special kill cords so look after them. One of the cords is a spare that you should take with you.

What is the yellow flag for?

It is a sight-line for the Duty Officer and shows you the start/finish line to the 'pin-end'. It is also flown to show the Race Officer is on station. This can be placed close to the cabin in bad weather allowing you to finish boats in the dry.

Look after our bird scarers

Two of them - and they seem to work! One on the roof will need leaving on the shore while you conduct racing. The small red one folds away and can be kept in the cabin. REMEMBER to collect the big one at the end of the day!

Engine Warning

Very near the end of its working life as water is mixing with the oil. It does however start and goes off at a great rate of knots.


The overhanging roof is also a danger that you need to be aware off. Unless you are the height of Ruth Cross then you should be OK.

Electric Winch

Well what can we say?
First, keep it clean. The anchor and chain will bring up a ton of good Hollowell mud. A bucket and brush has be thoughtfully provided.

Second, STOP RAISING THE ANCHOR - when you see two short ropes fololowed very quickly by a YELLOW MARKER TAPE on one of the chainlinks.

Our workhorse craft that provide our main rescue cover. Find here a reminder of how to look after them. How to set-up for the day and putting them to bed!
Mainly a training insructors resource with good observation seating for helm. Good manoeuvrability and simple controls.
Our tender for getting to the boat sheds. Look after this boat and it will make your job a lot easier.
Rescue Boat
Briefing reminders, equipment list, setting up, rescue reminders ... and more!
Committee Boat
A big beast of a thing. You really, really should know what you are doing before jumping in the deep-end! Start here!