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Supervision Of Children  a guide


All children at the club need to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times up to the age of 14. Children on the water need to have a named adult present at the club who is responsible for them in case there is an accident of some sort and this includes when the children are on a training course. Note this does not mean every child needs one adult so we suggest you pair up and share responsibility. Please make sure your child knows who is looking after them if it isn’t you!

For smaller children who are not sailing please keep a close eye on them at all times as the water is more of a hazard for them than the older ones sailing with a buoyancy aid on. If they are anywhere near the water, regardless of whether or not you are with them, they must wear a buoyancy aid. Please don’t let your children on the dam or dinghy park without supervision. We expect smaller children to be supervised on our swings.

playing bay area

Swimming - When/Where?

Simple! No-one is allowed to swim in Hollowell Reservoir, this is a bye-law set by the owners – Anglian Water. Playing with sailboards is tolerated, (but they must be returned to the proper place at the end of the day).

Messing about in the water is a natural thing for children to do – capsize practise is fun and there is a lot to be gained in allowing children to do it. However, NOT IN HSC HIRE BOATS please.

At Hollowell you must accept that the rescue boat will NOT be supervising children within the ‘bay area’.

NOTE: Deliberately capsizing out in the main body of water – just to ‘cool- off’, for example, will incur the wrath of the Rescue Boat crew, they will be perfectly entitled to ask people to leave the water if attending to a lot of false alarms.

The 'Red Flag' is Flying

red flag flying

There is a particular issue that when sailing is taking place and. . .

. . . people in boats, coming ashore or leaving the shore, may not see children in the water (having just fallen off a sailboard, for example).

The Duty Officer may on advice, fly a red flag for a set period or even all day.

If this is the case NO ONE must be in the water either practising with sailboards or otherwise.

Launching Trolleys

trolley's on shore

Please make sure your trolley is clearly labelled as this helps when boats are being brought ashore, also reduces the likelihood of theft. It is absolutely vital that your child NEVER EVER leaves a trolley in the water after launching. This is a very dangerous thing to do.

Buoyancy Aids / Helmets

buoyancyPlease ensure club buoyancy aids are returned to the Naseby Lodge after use and put away neatly. These valuable club resources are provided primarily for use on training courses and you are asked to purchase a buoyancy aid for your child as an early item of their sailing kit. Please ensure you pay the fee for hiring these items.

NOTE: For emergency use only - there is a number of buoyancy aids lined up just outside the disabled toilets. THESE ARE NOT FOR WEARING THROUGHOUT THE DAY!

General Info.

Which races can children do?
Any child who is happy and confident can compete in the normal club races each Sunday, Thursday or Saturday. This coming year we are actively encouraging children to take part in club racing after junior training finishes on Sunday mornings. A recent rule change will allow Duty Officers to finish juniors on completion of any number of laps. Also, should a group of juniors want to race together – the duty officer may have a separate start for them.

Changing Facilities
We operate a single sex changing room policy – if you have a small child of the opposite sex who needs help changing into or out of their sailing gear please use the disabled toilet for this, taking sailing bags into the main changing room for storage.
We are often short of space in the changing rooms, please help by keeping clothes in your sailing bags and encourage your children not to spread their belongings across the benches and the floor (which often gets very wet).

Lost Property
Because of the sheer volume of lost property (at least a bin-bag full every month) we have ‘low tolerance’ approach to this issue. If you have made the effort to have your name or identifying mark on the property then we will make efforts to return it to you. If it’s not marked it goes into a big bin in the buoyancy aid store and when that’s full we take the lot to a Charity Shop.

Wet children
We ask that children who are excessively wet – capsize practise, again! That they do not run around in the lounge and dining area, and especially the carpeted area.

Club Boats
Please ensure if you borrow club boats that they are returned to the correct place after use and any breakages or missing parts are reported. Sails must be furled (wrapped round the mast) when the boats are tied up to the jetty.
Only allow your child to use a boat which they are capable of sailing in the given wind conditions.
On our web page for BOAT HIRE you will find illustrated rigging instructions. Please make sure you pay the relevant hire fee and remember that the club boats are provided for sailing, and are not to be used for capsize practice, or overloaded with children seeing if they can sink the boat!

Please remember to pay any tab your child has incurred on the tuck shop. In fact, actively encourage you’re ‘little, big spender’ not to have a tab at all. Cash, is best.

We hope this article does not have too many negatives – it is by agreeing with these comments that your child will have a joyful and safe day’s sailing at Hollowell.